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Adamant-bux - Adamantine Advertise and Earning
March 25, 2017 13:30:45
Users: 4,645
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Welcome 2017
[Jan 4th, 2017 - Feb 1st, 2017]
Hello members

For month January we have a Renter contest,build your account with rented referrals and win prices and upgrades!

The places are:

1. 1 Month Adamantine Monthly Upgrade for free and 5$ to Rented balance
2. 10$ back to Rented balance
3. 5$ back to Rented balance

For the users who have already other upgrade ex. adamantine yearly they get 1 month more on corrent membership added.

Have a nice contest
Best Regards
Adamant-bux Team.
1st danny $5 USD
2nd thraciandawg $10 USD
3rd harmonia $5 USD
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